Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Friends:

We have reached the end of the year of many Cool Fests, and the launch of our Edition of 100 LP series. How Cool it has been! Here's how we're celebrating the last event in the solar calendar of 2012, the winter solstice. It has three parts:


Dec 7th
Casa Del Popolo

Pypy (members of Redmass, Duchess Says)

Pypy is a Montreal supergroup. Ca va torcher vraiment!
Drainolith is finishing off a huge year, with an LP on Spectrum Spools and several tours.
Join us for a fun evening in an establishment with a liquor license!


Dec 15th
La Brique

Normal Love (USA)

Food by Devo Ghost Taco

The final installment marks one year of quarterly dates at this burning furnace of Montreal talent. The night will be full of surprises! As usual, BYOCans! And no smoking.

and finally...


ZZ POT is the best music you have ever heard made using CDs found in the street. ZZ POT was the inaugural project of the Found In The Street CD series, a series of releases made on CD DJ mixers with found CDs, produced by Mat Brinkman, that were by design all longer than one hour.

Your trusted curators at FF have put together an LP of non-stop party action using the best of the first two of the seven ZZ POT releases. In an edition of 100, it is a special unique object celebrating a moment in the early 00's when it seemed music artists could work on so many cylinders simultaneously and have something come out that was clean, crisp, and fun. Is it metal, is it techno, is it contemporary art? Wrap your arms around ZZ POT and smile your way into 2013 when six decades of pretense will be shattered once and for all.