Saturday, September 11, 2010


Lots of sizes, colours... also a few short sleeved ones as well in black and white

Photos coming soon:
Clinton Machine LP -- $15
Outsider alternative, classic rock, prog, and 'art' production. more here and here
Cousins of Reggae "Disuelvos Ensangrentados, Inhalantes Perdidos" CDR -- $10
The two Cousins of Reggae Split LPs plus tons of unreleased jams and songs. 70+mins!
Mindflayer Live at Earthunder 6" -- $10
hand cut. handmade sleeve. handpainted centre label.
Cool Fest 7 CDR -- $5
24 performances at 2007's Cool Fest, all Montreal. 78 mins!
Nautical Almanac Live at Earthunder 12" picdisc -- $40
hand cut. handmade sleeve. picdisc with encore cut on reverse outer ring. sound sample
Money Tapes cassettes -- $5
4-cassette set of analog electronic improvised songwriting with vox and turntables
Less self is more self 2xCD -- $15
Compilation on Ecstatic Peace! featuring Dreamcatcher with lots of U.S. underground greats
Intens CDR -- $7
Compilation of jams, field recordings, and unreleased hit songs from FF artists. great 79mins!
Sons Epeurants de l'Halloween CDR -- $5
very mysterious cdr of very mysterious scary music. pretty long. alphonser screened sleeve.
other available itemz:
Cousins of Reggae Split LP on Galerie Pache $15
Cousins of Reggae "Quartz" LP $15
Dreamcatcher "Prom Night + Eyes of Leatherface" LP $15
Cousins of Reggae Split LP with Mouthus on OESB $15
Cousins of Reggae Methridge LP on OESB $12 cassette $5
Dreamcatcher "Nimbus" LP/CD $12/10
"The Waxathon" LP $12
check for other material, photos and sound samples, and feel free to enquire about the availability of past releases

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