Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lightning Bolt Live at Earthunder full-length is HERE
Recorded outdoors in Ontario on 4track
with photos by Pierre Richardson and Aaron Mackenzie Fraser
Edition of 6, Totally Badass

Crooners 2x 7" 45 RPM
Tape loops, ancient methods, varispeed dicto. Medieval. Subliminal mesgs
extra copy wout cigar box thing. loud as hell cut

Dreamcatcher "Jungle Junk" 7"
Second edition of 4, only one has been cut so far... sound is a little rough

Cousins of Reggae "Breastwork 2009" 7"
Look it up

Jim Slay Live at Casa 12" 45 RPM
Loud, pretty

Rumble Pack Attack 12"
Brutal sounding recording of this legendary Montreal gig featuring
Gym Sweat
Metis Yeti
Grand Nord (Martin Sasseville of Brise-Cul label)
Jim Slay
cut on an old-school FF sawblade disc, back when I scored the plastic and then ripped pieces off with a pair of pliers, ancient stained glass shop technique. Now extinct, I got a table saw

Clinton Machine "Spook" Gatefold 12"
Songs from Gettin' Personial and weird outtakes going back 10 years
includes live performance, nuts
A side is scrappy, B side ace clean sounding cut

when you place your order I will add postage to all prices

STILL GOOD! Jim Slay Live at the Hague CD on Inyrdisk

PAYPAL: blakehargreaves $ at % gmail + dot * com
canada + usa Lps are 7 dollars for one, +3 for each additional
overseas add 15 for first lp, +5 for each additional
tapes and cds and 7"s shipping = half these amounts


  1. What's a way to order these things?

  2. YO ronn paypal blakehargreaves at the g-whiz googlyeyes mail dot calm