Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the first 20 people to leave a comment on any FF post get a free thing mailed to them



  1. What constitutes bullshit? Does this comment qualify me for a free thing? I sent you some PayPal money last night for the Mindflayer and Lightning Bolt records. They look really groovy.

  2. Dearest Fluorescent Fiends

    You guys have put me in a pickle...

    I bought a Yomul Yuk record from the band at last years ATP festival...

    It's the split record with Dreamcatcher where they used other peoples record sleeves and put this beautiful sticker like graphic over the top of the record.

    Problem is I am yet to listen to it because I need to rip the sticker to open it!

    This is really petty and fetishistic, I know! but its one of twenty and I cant get myself to open it!

    Thanks for all the great music and art

    Tommie (from London!)

  3. Steve you got free stuff. 19 left. Tommie I'm sending you free shit with the distro haul. 18.

  4. so it turns out the default comment setting was registered users only. i can't stop thinking about the thousands of comments people must have tried to post. it's been fixed please try again

  5. iiiiiiiiii

    found my interrogation log yesterday

    phillipe sonar
    c/o press nyy
    336 w 37th st #204
    ny, ny 10018