Friday, March 16, 2012


This year, for the first time ever Fluorescent Friends and Ample are bringing FOUR Cool Fests to La Brique in one year. Celebrating the year 2012 with an event on or around each major event in the solar calendar, the solstices and equinoxes.

March 23-24 is the SPRING EQUINOX Cool Fest

$10 a day, $15 for both days


Isa Christ (USA)

Jason Sharp

Hot Tits


Essaie Pas

Crude Hill (USA)

Hobo Cubes

Maria 010


Food Served at 8, sets begin at 8:30



Dead Wife

Fat Worm of Error (USA)

Léopard et moi

Small Bong

Country featuring Beaver Sheppard

Le Fruit Vert


Food served at 7, sets begin at 8

Late afternoon activity zone

Lizmax yogazone Saturday 3PM: A Yoga Class led by Liz Lima

Charity Chan mind opener piano

Gourmet food served by: Natasha Li Pickowicz (

Installation art

Exclusive television

VHS audio djing from DJ Proud Father

BYOCANS! no bottles pleeease

ALSO EXCLUSIVE: Portrait Studio on location!! We will be offering free portraits with a scenic backdrop to all Cool Fest attendees. Come dressed to make some memories.

Come join us for Cool Fest!!

March 23-24

$10 a day, $15 for two-day bracelet

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