Wednesday, October 23, 2013


All proceeds from this event will be donated to benefit Typhoon Haiyan relief; all donations are matched by the Canadian government.

NOV 29 at FITNESS $8

Bradford Kessler installation
and performance 
"Ever Renewed and Renewing" at 8PM

UNITED WATERS (Mouthus ny)
EOLA (ny)
HIGH RISE II (Tonstartssbandht montreal/nyc)



Sarah Butler installation
and livestream performance 'Hoodoos Walk' from Banff, Alberta at 4PM

downstairs 1:00 TONSTARTSSBANDHT (ny)
downstairs 12:30 MARK MORGAN (Sightings ny)
downstairs 12:00 WEIRDING MODULE (Ithaca ny)
downstairs  11:30 STEVE JR. (montreal)
upstairs 11:00 SICK LLAMA (detroit)
downstairs 10:30 METALUX (ny/baltimore)
upstairs 10:00 BUFFALO MRI (montreal)
downstairs 09:30 THE 696 BLUES BAND (Wolf Eyes detroit)
upstairs 09:00 ZAIMPH (ny)
downstairs 08:30 XARAH DION (montreal)
upstairs 08:00 TARPIT (detroit)
downstairs 07:30 DAVID LAFRANCE (montreal)
upstairs 07:00 R.A.F. (ny)
downstairs 06:30 PRIVILEGE (ny)

Home cooked Guyanese food will be sold for $5 a plate
vegetarian and non-vegetarian options

Silent Barn is at 603 Bushwick
No BYOB and no drinking in the yard of The Silent Barn
Door time TBA
All ages!

COOL FEST is a cool festival of music, art and other sensory delights that encourages healthy heavy partying and intuitive artistic exploration. Cool Fest is about connecting different artistic communities and putting disparate creative people alongside each other to share their vision and discover new approaches and ideas, in a bilingual space.

COOL FEST XIII NYC will take place at Fitness NYC and Silent Barn. This will be a meeting of minds and souls from all over, but specifically a Montreal/USA fusion project. The best in new weird music from all over the area will come together to howl at the resulting Brundlefly and celebrate. Home-cooked food will be served, and each night a different NYC artist will open each space with installation and performance.

This is the second Cool Fest event to take place in NYC, the first being a show at Silent Barn in 2010 curated by Blake Hargreaves and Nat Roe featuring Twig Harper, Chaw Mank, MV Carbon and others.

For more info on Cool Fest XIII NYC contact Blake at
Historical info about past Cool Fests: menu on the right)

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